Automobile Elevators

Sometimes a ramp is not an option. This is where our Automobiles Elevators can offer the perfect solution.

these elevators offers finishes and ride rarely found in these type of elevators.

Unlike parking hoists, you can park your car over multiple levels in quiet comfort.

The Digital controls ensure reliabity and a range of options to suit your specific needs. sizes available include automobile elevators for the compact vehicle through to the largest prestige automobiles.


Salient Features

  • Ideal for any number of floors
  • Two-side open door is possible at ground floor at the same or different level
  • Different plan for manual collapsible doors/Telescopic doors
  • Sizes are finished with dimensions in mm
  • Hoist way walls are 230 mm thick Brick 150 mm RCC walls

Technical Specifications

  • Landings : 20
  • Travel : 65 mtrs
  • Load : 500 - 1000 kgs
  • Speed : 0.75 - 1.00 mps


  • P.L.C based technology and state-of-the-art V3F AC motor Contral
  • Simplex or Group Elevator Operation
  • Bi-directional Enterance Comfortable for Single User
  • Safety features like infra-red door curtain, emergency cal lighting, emegency phone