Marstech escalator completes the ergonomically in design and thotoughly holds an in-depth considertion of the customer's requirements in vatious aspects such as the escalators security, aesthetics and performance etc. It brings about the more distinguished quality and the more disinguished quality and the more outstanding properties. The new guiding system, advanced equal radius handrail newl, high rigity balustrade, modeling skirt, fashtion and efficient landing plate design etc result in the secure plate design performance, more comfort and stable in riding and more powerful carrying capacity.  

Marstech Escalators - Credentials

Salient Features

  • The green warning light is installed at entrance position to guide passenger to identify the landing and moving step to ensure safety
  • Advanced big radius design in exterior skirt decking added with comforting horizontal length, excellent fluency
  • Crealive new design of flexible handrail inlet, slide type floating with smooth runing when touching, decreased the possibility of accident
  • Wondering positioning of middle comb plate, separate hard connection of movable combplate