Panoramic Elevators

The beauty of the glass Elevators is enhanced when the lifts are the result of the combination of the creativity of our design team.

The location of the cars determines the final finishes of the panoramic Elevators, sometimes they are built in angular shapes, sometimes in circular shapes, with or without canopies, car in polyhedron shapes, etc.

Eye-catching exterior and dazzling interior of the PANORAMIC Elevator adds Glorious look to your commercial premises, theatres Departmental store & shopping malls and residential premises where delicacy & luxury cannot be compromised.


Salient Features

  • Designed for Shopping malls, Commercial Buildings, Airports etc.
  • Smooth, Quiet and Comfortable Ride
  • Energy Efficient V3F Drive
  • Toughened Glass
  • Counter Weight Safety
  • Proven Safety and Reliability

Technical Specifications

  • Landings : 25
  • Travel : 90 mtrs
  • Load : 544 - 1768 kgs
  • Passengers :26
  • Speed : 0.75 - 2.00 mps


  • Exclusive & elegant design
  • Different customized option for dooms and cabin exteriors
  • Includes all latest avilable passenger safeties
  • Optional Glass doors give capsule lifts a world-classs look
  • Special Roping for extra safety